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Pastel Paintings

by Carron Wedlund

Born and raised in Chicago, art was frequently on Carron’s mind in one form or another. A visit to the Art Institute of Chicago at a young age left a big impression in awe of the masters and other great artworks.  Carron attended Roosevelt University and Northern Illinois University majoring in Graphic Design. Later she earned her BFA degree from the University of North Florida.  For several years she worked in the commercial art field doing layout design for print media, corporate identity, and presentation graphics.

About 2004, Carron started thinking ‘fine art’ again. She joined the Art Guild of Orange Park and immediately became enthused once again with the excitement of all things art as a result of the influence of this vital art community.  Carron also holds memberships in the First Coast Pastel Society, and the First Coast Plein Air Painters. She has worked in watercolor and acrylics but the medium she is MOST captivated by is pastel.

Carron has exhibited at several venues in Clay County and in Jacksonville, FL. She has exhibited solely at the Orange Park Library and Great Hang Ups Gallery and frequently shows work with local Art groups. She has worked to increase her skill primarily in the medium of pastel and has received several awards in shows in the past few years. Carron was honored to receive the title of Senior Female Volunteer of the Year for 2012 by the Clay County Council on Aging. Carron continues to be involved in volunteer activities that bring art to the community.

Artist's Statement

It was wonderful as I moved into retirement from work, that I was able to reconnect with fine art again. What a joy it was to be able to create and focus on just what I wanted! Because I always liked hiking and the scenes I observed, I was eager to depict them in some visual manner. I discovered how the medium of pastel really suited me. It allowed me to be expressive in a new way. Studio work is great, but I particularly enjoy painting en plein air. Being out there provides a more complete sense of the location.

Maybe it’s due to my background in layout and design that sometimes I take the elements of a scene and redesign them for a more pleasing composition.  I don’t feel obliged to depict the location exactly unless there is a necessity for it.


In my art I want to share some of my vision, what I sense...the warmth of the light or the chill in the air, the wetness of the atmosphere or a coastal breeze, or the textures of bark on a pine tree. Through my pastels, I want to share with you my own personal impressions of being there.

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