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July 1st - 30th, 2023


by Christine Brundige

Christine draws inspiration for her art from the bright colors and light of Mexico, from the lush plant life of Florida, and from the expansive vistas of her native Colorado and the West. She has worked with painting and dying of fabric, with various printmaking techniques, and has pursued the medium of watercolor for the past two decades. 

After earning her Master’s Degree in Art Education from UF, Christine spent four liberating and gratifying years in Mexico, teaching at the Instituto Allende and completing a Master’sDegree in printmaking and mixed media. She constructed several painted fabric installations exploring the concept of shelter, sharing her materials with the students at the orphanage where she volunteered, encouraging them to construct shelter spaces of their own. In the bilingual children’s book she wrote and illustrated with original lithographs.  She explored the concepts of adventure, home, and belonging by recording the adventures of a pet dog, Napoleon, through the streets of San Miguel de Allende. 

Since retiring from teaching art, Christine is pursuing her own art full time. She finds the more she immerses herself in her art the more inspiration she finds. It is important to capture the beauty and calmness of the moment, so that feeling may be shared with the viewer. She has shown her work in Mexico, Colorado, and Florida. 


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