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Vivian Jendzio

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Vivian Jendzio’s paintings reflect movement and the energies of life and force. Painting and drawing are automatically entwined with each other, which is intuitive through feeling and sensitivity of the subject matter. Jendzio’s award-winning work has been exhibited throughout the United States. She has degrees in Fine Art from the University of Florida, and Northern Illinois University and in Physical Education from University of Illinois which translates into a kinetic expression in her artwork. Combining the use of paint and drawing, she creates vibrant tensions while the underlying images and motion shows through. Her work has been shown in many solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries and art centers. Her artwork is in numerous private and corporate collections and is represented by many art galleries where she is known for her expressive, large, mixed media works. 

Ann Ramsden


I have been showing in festivals and galleries for almost 40 years. My interest in photography started at an early age with a Kodak Instamatic camera. Before long, I was in the darkroom watching the image develop, coming to life before my eyes. I was later introduced to infrared film and loved the soft, ethereal quality of that spectrum. As photography transitioned from film to digital, I explored various editing tools to create more interesting images. My work allows the viewer to see ordinary objects from a new perspective, and to delight in the small miracles all around us.

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