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Ever since I was a young man I have been fascinated by the random nature of the human condition. As a self-trained observer and glass and mosaic artist for 20 years, I find I tend to trust the predictability of the unpredictable. Nature and color inspire me continually and I thrive on the celebration of that unpredictability…like the morning sun through a beveled piece of glass throwing a rainbow on the wall.


My work attempts to explore the vast realms between normal sensibilities and abnormality. With current influences as diverse as Chagall, Wright, Escher, and Victor Wooten, new insights are developed and matured from natural opacities and transparent structures. Additionally, I enjoy the preservation of some traditional art forms. Centuries-old, these forms are conserved to sustain and share, with joy, the beauty and classic equilibrium they bring.

See more of Dave's work at his website:


Ultimately, if my work starts a conversation, makes you take a deep breath, sparks a warm memory, or just touches your heart, then I believe that I have accomplished my goal of assisting you in your own celebration of all things random. I hope to make you think, I hope to make you smile, and I hope to ease your navigation of this unpredictable life.

Dave Morris

2D & 3D Stained Glass, Mosaics, Collage, & Printing

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